Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 1 alone: morning session

I have no pictures to post with this as I have only been up for about 30 minutes.

Both Mom AND Dad returned to work today for the first time. So it is now just Reese KaiJin and I. It probably isn't a whole lot different from what it was last week...only this week I have no Dad for moral support. It was Mom she cried for when they left-like last week. She drug me outside and we stood out there for a few minutes. It was like she had to make sure Mom wasn't hiding out there some where.

Now she's looking at pictures of herself that she keeps stashed in the back of her Comfy Coupe and has driven her car down here into the living room. The TV is currently on Playhouse Disney and every now and then, she gets enthralled by it. There are no tears at current moment, but Grandma Debbie is about to leave. eek. Hopefully, she won't spaz when she leaves too....

Yeah, we have tears again. Yippee...not. Pray that I'm not physically attached to the ceiling fan this evening....

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