Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Passed out in the car

Me at dinner the other night

First time eating out in Arkansas at dinner.

Take this, Dr. Pepper... 'They don't have this stuff in China.'

Forcing a tea party on Scott's

About to go down the slide at The Wonder Place

Climbing a wall at the Wonder Place

Let's see...last Friday, Dad, Reese, and I went to The Wonder Place off of Rodney Parham. Dad wasn't impressed, Kai Jin was, and I wasn't the one being drug around for once, except for when the infamous 'NIAO NIAO' was yelled. Then it was try-to-get-the-2-year-old-to-the-bathroom-
before-she-pees-in-her pants-when-she's-trying-to-look-at-everything-and-getting-side-tracked
-along-the-way. Yeah, it was about as exciting as it sounds. Anyway, Jin-Jin had fun. It kept her entertained for over an hour and a half, and I honestly think, was a bonding opportunity for her and Dad. He helped her down the slide (held on to her hand, per her request) and just in general played with her...even though he thought the place wasn't that great. Afterwards, we went to McDonald's and she downed quite a bit of french fries with ketchup, which she loves, and part of my M&M McFlurry. We then went to Toys R Us, with Mom's permission (it was her idea), and bought the Anastasia DVD (one of the best Disney, I think, movies ever) and Sesame Street A to Z Alphabet, or something like that.
Yesterday, Mom, Dad, and Kai Jin went to nephew Brandon's baseball-t-ball-something-ball game. He's 5, I think, so whatever they play at that age. Last year, it was t-ball. I stayed at home and slept. Hallelujah! Then we went to Anna-Marie's 5th birthday party. It was a swim party and Kai Jin absolutely fell in love with the pool. Guess what we'll be getting next year? She loved it. She also had her first cup cake. Can't wait to see those pictures from the party, Kim.
We then proceeded to Danville to visit the maternal side of the family. She was a big hit. Everyone loved her. My great-grandpa's 1st cousin, once removed...whatever that means precisely, and whatever that makes him to me, George was there. With his kick butt Canon EOS 30D camera. Yes, I found the love of my life. Absolutely awesome camera...takes gorgeous pictures, very detailed, and I believe can do 10 frames per second. Tell me that is not the perfect thing for catching that hard-to-catch look on a small child.

Yes, I want one...

Today, we went to Home Depot, which is like Dad's dream, to go to Home Depot on Father's

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Julie said...

Hello! Please email me privately. It looks like you live in my hometown. We have an FCC group here and if you do live in our town (the "Wonder Place" looks awfully familiar!) we'd love for you to join us! (Free - we are just a group of parents who have adopted Chinese children and we have get togethers and such - would love to have you in with the group if you are in our area! Blessings!


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