Saturday, June 30, 2007

If we could bottle her energy and sell it, we'd be millionaires.

Eating pizza.

Playing with the toy Michelle got her that she paid no attention to at all, until she randomly decided to start playing with it...
She has a TON of energy.

She's enjoying preschool. She's now actually sleeping on her cot instead of in the teacher's lap at nap time. :) Yeah, she's got them wrapped.

She's being sedated Monday to check her pressure in her eyes and some how check her vision, etc., because she has that glaucoma. How they check her vision with her passed out, I hope to find out soon because right now I have no idea.

Yesterday, she was trying to sing Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend. It was adorable. She was hopping around going 'hey, hey, you, you, hey, hey, you, you!'. Hopefully, she'll learn the rest of the lyrics at some point.

Thursday, she had her first real experience with pizza. And she LOVED it. She ate 2 pieces. The funny thing is you never know how she'll eat it, but she never starts at the tip. She may eat all the Canadian Bacon first, then the cheese, the sauce, and then she starts at the edge on the crust. Or she may just start at the crust and go from there eating it intact. There's no telling.

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