Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What everyone really wants...

Curled up on the couch with Chi-Chi on Monday

Playing with what is technically a Christmas decoration...but hey, who needs technicalities?

Ready for preschool this morning...


Yeah, yeah...I know there haven't been any for a while, but my camera has never been in a place that's readily available when I've posted. A 2 year old tends to keep your hands (and ability to get up) otherwise occupied.

From what I've heard, everything with preschool has gone fine. She didn't scream when Mom left (because believe me, she could've heard it) and there was apparently no one crying in Chapel at 8:30 this morning. Mom called later to check up on her (again, lol) and she'd spent most of the morning playing with dishes, no surprise there, she loves her Disney Princesses tea set, and at recess, they had to fight her to get her sweater off. I guess, Jie Jie Monica put this on me, you aren't taking it. But finally, she let Mrs. Lil hold it through recess and at some point, went and got Mrs. Lil and took her by the finger (an antic we're all all too familiar with) to drag her over to where she was playing to show her what she was doing. They all said she was VERY smart and would most likely know English in 6 months. I seriously doubt it could EVEN take that long. Who cares if she can still speak Chinese? We're not out to eradicate that language in her, just make it to where English is primary. If she still wants to babble to herself in Chinese, why not?

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AmyLew2 said...

I am pretty sure that little handful of yours has way too much to say not to learn English in a heartbeat.
I wonder if there is a family from China she could visit with so she could retain the Chinese too. Its quite a plus to be bi lingual.


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