Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kaleigh's Birthday Party

Reese KaiJin loves those tube things...I find them pretty fun myself.

Putting things in so they can fly out.

Using the markers.

Kaleigh (Guangdong) on one of the tables

Birthday girl!

Playing in the purple sand...

Savannah (Yunnan) and Anna-Marie (Hunan). They're sisters, just to make that clear.

The water "incident". :) Savannah was soaked...

Coloring in the craft room.

Our friends, Whit and Karyn, had a birthday party for their daughter, Kaleigh, from Guangdong, today. Kaleigh turned 2 earlier this week. They had the party at the Wonder Place, some where Reese has been before, so she had a blast and was much more comfortable with it than she was the first time. It was a really great party. Before that, we went and ate Chinese (nothing like good ol' American Chinese) at what is now the Asia Buffet. It used to be Dragon Palace Buffet. Then we went to Gene Lockwood's in search of Dad some shorts, they had none. But I got my first pair of Crocs (black, of course) for 50% off. Then we went to Academy and Mom found Dad some shorts. Then we went to Toys R Us to get Kaleigh's birthday present and ended up coming out with Kai Jin a purse with a baby doll in it and a baby doll stroller that she was playing with in the store. She needed some new toys anyway. She doesn't have a ton to begin with, and hasn't really gotten any new ones since she got home, so we don't feel bad about it.

We loved the party, Karyn. That was great fun. It was so nice to see everyone and Reese KaiJin had a good time.


I didn't feel like it belonged on this blog, but I don't feel bad announcing it on here. I'm doing an adoption segment on my Life Through The Lens about adoption, mostly international. Right now all I have is a listing of a bazillion (seemed like anyway) adoption agencies and what countries they're working with. I plan on doing a blog entry for each country, talking about the regulations, requirements, wait time, etc. and doing some entries on different special needs, as, particularly with China, a lot of people are shifting to special needs because the wait has become so long for non-special needs. A lot of people are turned off of special needs because they don't know about the need that a child has. I hope to help with that a bit, as well as encourage people to look at special needs children.

I just want to encourage people to pursue adoption, because it really is an amazing experience.

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