Thursday, July 19, 2007

I wanna get a mohawk (But my mom won't let me get one)...

\/ The after-mohawk bath
Earlier when she stole my hair clippy.

Title is courtesy of afi. It's one of their early songs called "I Want To Get A Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One)" off of the album Answer That And Stay Fashionable (1995).

I decided today to give Reese a mohawk. Her hair is just the right length, and.....well, she has me for a big sister. That should explain enough. So I went a got some hair glue that I had left from about 4 years ago when I had uber short hair. And I gelled her hair into a mohawk, and it was awesome. The reason her face looks pale on her birthmark side is Mom decided to try this cover-up make up for birthmarks on her and it's just a bit too she looks like a little ghost or something.

She took a bath and Mom scrubbed her head. First, we got her head wet by leaning her back....and nothing happened to the mohawk. The glue is water-resistant, wonderfully so. So we scrubbed...because I couldn't find the magic, automatic removal shampoo. And baby shampoo really isn't made for being rid of hair glue. So her hair is still trying to stick up, but it just makes her actually have volume in her hair. So cute.

afi's "I Wanna Get A Mohawk"

Lyrics: I may be ten years old but I still know what's up.
I wear my Cramps shirt almost
every single day. I want to sag my pants.
I want to pogo dance, but Mom won't let me so I might just run away.
I wanna ride my skate. I wanna stay out late.
I wanna mohawk but mom won't let me get one.
I wanna go to shows.
Don't wanna pierce my nose.
I wanna get a mohawk but mom won't let me get one.
I may be in fourth grade, but I know what's going on.
I listen to the Misfits almost every single day.
Don't want to take a nap, I want a TV tat,
but Mom won't let me so I might just disobey.

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