Friday, July 13, 2007

Chi-Chi Meow!

Reese KaiJin is settling in quite nicely. She will play with Dad now, and even kiss him every now and then. She absolutely adores our "kennies", more commonly known as kitties. And they, at the least, tolerate her. Chi-Chi does really well with her, let's herself be wagged around and such. She has this little TY beanie baby pink tiger that we took with us for her to China, and she fell in love with it in China. It is still her favorite. He started out as 'meow'...and is now 'Chi-Chi meow'. We have no idea if she named it after Chi-Chi or if she considers the term 'Chi-Chi' to automatically refer to a cat. She "feeds" it her cereal, and won't sleep without it, like her 'bu tan zi' (as best as we can figure), also known as her blue Care Bears blanket. Yet another thing she won't sleep without. It's cute.

She loves ice cream. She can nearly go through a pint on her own (with a bit of help getting it out).

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