Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Monica's Chinese Phrases: Take 2!

First off, Reese KaiJin is doing awesome. She's adorable, a little stinker, and not a morning person. My aunt and uncle came home last night to live with us for a little while, and she loves my aunt (my grandma debbie's daughter) as much as she loves Grandma Debbie. And they brought a cat so they must be really awesome. :)

Anyway, to the list! (sorry if some of these repeat from the last list):

bao bei (bow bay)- treasure/baby
wo fei chang ai ni (whoa fay chaang eye knee)- I love you very much.
Xing (sheeng)- yes(permit)
Bu Xing (boo sheeng)- no (do not permit)
Jin Tian (gene teanne)- today
Duo Shao Qian? (dwhoa show (rhymes with 'how') chi anne)- how much? (cost)
Leng Shui (lung shway)- cold water
Cha Zi (cha zuh)- fork
Mi Fan (me faan)- white rice
Mian Tiao (me-anne tea-ow)- noodles
Bu Chi Rou (boo cher show)- vegetarian (say 'rou' with a dipping 'ow')
Hao Chi (how cher)- it's delicious
Ju Zi (joo zuh)- orange
Ping Guo (peeng gwhoa)- apple
Xiang Jiao (she-ang jee-ow)- banana
Pu Tao (poo tow (rhymes with 'ow')- grapes
Xi Gua (she gwah)- watermelon
Ying Tao (yeeng tow)- cherry
Hong (haang)- red
Lan (lawn)- blue
Lu (loo)- green
Huang (who-ang)- yellow
Cheng (chung)- orange (color)
Zi (zuh)- purple
Zong (chong)-brown
Fen Hong (fin haang)- pink
Bai (bye)-white
Hei (hey)- black
Hui (hway)- grey
Wo bing de hen zhong (whoa bing duh hen chong)- I am very ill.
Bing (bing)- illness
Qi Ji (chi jee)- breathing heavily
Guo Min (gwoh ming)- allergic
Gan Mao (gaan mow (rhymes with 'how))- cold
liu bi ti(lee-ew bee tea)- runny nose

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