Monday, July 23, 2007

Pajama post

We bought Reese a new pair of pajamas Saturday. She had been sleeping in sweats or t-shirts because the pjs we bought her prior to China just fit a bit too snug for us to like. Yes, they're supposed to be tight so your kid doesn't catch themselves on fire, but it's not so great when you have issues getting their heads out of the top. So we bought her a pair of ducky pajamas sized 36 months. Who would've known they made a size 36 months? I always thought once you got past 24 months, the months thing stopped. Apparently one brand (can't remember which it is for the life of me right now) goes one better, or actually two. They have 36 months AND 48 months. I was impressed. So we got her some bigger pajamas. The pants are long, but I walk all over the bottoms of my pjs too. It's part of being kind of short apparently. Or buying clothes a bit big.

Tonight, she found one of my night shirts and put it on after her bath. Obviously, it swamped her. It's still baggy on me. I've grown up a bit, so it no longer goes past my knees (hits mid-thigh actually), but on her it's like she's, and I quote our mother, "a little blue Casper". The fact she was stalking my mom enhanced that effect. It was cute, nonetheless.

We had kind of a rough day today. She'd slept really well this past week, and last night, all thoughts that that ever happened vacated the premises. She was hard to get to sleep and was easily waking up more often than every two hours. Needless to say, she was tired and cranky this morning. To make matters worse, our usual routine was thrown WAY off because we had to drop off the truck to get new tires on it. So Dad went to work, Mom, me and Reese went and dropped off the truck, and I took Reese back to daycare. She fell asleep on the way from the post office to daycare, so I had to wake her up to take her in. She 'bu yao'-ed (don't want) the entire way in, and cried when I handed her to her teacher. It's hard to leave when she's like that. All last week she went in without crying, so we know it's because she was tired. I picked her up at about 12:20, right after they laid down for their nap. She fell asleep on the way back to the post office to pick up Mom and Dad. She had nap for about 30 minutes or so. We then went and ate fish at Adam's downtown. Then we went to see the attachment therapist. We talked and overall, she's doing well. We're going to see her again in August to do something (I forget what) to help encourage her to bond with Dad. She tolerates him, and he's a means to an end quite often, but when she's tired or upset, only Mom will do. If Mom is completely unavailable, only I will do. If neither of us was...I honestly think she would look herself up in her room. I don't know, we've never had that situation.

And no, that's not HER stroller. Not the one we periodically use for her. That's her baby doll stroller she figured out her booty could fit it. LOL. Also pictured is the infamous blue 'bu tan zi', also known as the blankie.

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