Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good Wishes for Reese KaiJin

I'm getting a pretty good start on Reese's 100(+) Good Wishes Quilt. Right now, I have 13 people on a list who should be sending/giving me squares. If you would like to swap or give a "squish"-a fabric square with a good wish-, please email me at xiii.the.black.cat.xiii@gmail.com for my contact information. It can be new fabric you have bought, an old cotton t-shirt, denim jeans, embroidered pieces, fabric-painted pieces, already quilted pieces (I have a friend who is sewing me a ladybug square), ANYTHING. If it is 100% cotton or a cotton/poly blend suitable for quilting and sewing, and is prewashed/dried, it will work.

Anyway to the point, who here thinks I'm insane for starting another blog? I do, but this one won't be so involved. I have made a blog to display the quilt squares as I get them, and eventually, to post her completed quilt. The blog is Good Wishes For Reese KaiJin.

Feel free to share this "quest" with any friends you have or with yahoo groups you're a part of. I don't mind where these come from.

Thanks so much for contributions!

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