Sunday, July 8, 2007

Picture post

Cornish Game Hens on the grill (they're on dr. pepper cans)

Dad (James)

Reese KaiJin and Grandma Debbiew

KaiJin and her new hat

I'm a cutie!

Kai Jin has been doing awesome. She now responds to Reese, although after calling her Kai Jin for more than a month, it's a more than difficult to swap. So she may always be called Kai Jin by me, because to me she is Kai Jin. So she may be Reese to everyone else eventually, but she may always be Kai Jin to me, same as I speak (the little) Chinese I know to her quite often. In the fall, I'm taking Mandarin I in my home school program so that'll be all the more I can speak to her. I figure if I can keep some of it familiar until she's 4 and old enough to take classes at our local community school of the arts. I mean, that's a big part of herself and she's very good at speaking it now (according to the Chinese people we've spoken to both in China and here) so I really hate for her to lose that, although I realize she probably will lose a lot of it. But I feel like if I can keep some of it going, it'll be easier for her to pick back up on it in a bit over a year.

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