Saturday, August 11, 2007

100th POST!

Yes, it is mid-August. Yes, it is some 100*. No, we didn't let her wear it outside.

Eating French fries at Dixie (which are good by the way).

There's your ad!

Or this one...

Cheesy grin!

That's our baby girl.

This is my 100th post on this blog- and I've only had it since March!

Today, we went and had our pictures taken at Olan Mills in Cabot. Those are the best darn pictures I've had taken of me in years, professionally. After all, school pictures rarely turn out well. After that, we went and ate at Dixie Cafe. People at the home office of Dixie: here's your newest ad. :) Reese eats her corn dogs the same way I do (her's were corn dog bites...and I didn't have corn dogs). She pulls off or eats the corn bread part off and eats it and then eats the dog. I won't eat them together either. She also doesn't like mustard. It was quite the funny face she made.
Then we went to Jo-Ann's in North Little Rock and bought some more fabric, and I got me a plastic drawer-thing to put my fabric in so my cat's can't lay all over them. And we went to Planet Smoothie, which happens to be in the parking lot. I'd never been to a Planet Smoothie, but it was good. I got a Werewolf- a smoothie made of strawberries, bananas, and the anti-oxidant blast (TM). The anti-oxidant blast is comprised of Vitamins A, C, D, E, Selenium, and Zinc.

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Anonymous said...

Monica, I always love to leave a comment for you, letting you know how much I do enjoy your blogs and pictures of that little sweetheart. I love hearing about her and what she is doing, and watching her grow. It makes the waiting time for Mari-Grace pass a lot faster. As you all know it can't pass fast enough--for Kammy to go get her. We can hardly wait. Keep the blogs coming. I check it every day. XOXOXOX Ann Krisell


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