Friday, August 10, 2007


Cuddling the large bunny in her class- they are the K3 bunnies!

Holding the giant lizard she found in her classroom

Trying to decide if she wants to play with her teacher's kids or not.

Mom and Reese in her new classroom...

Holding the purses

We went to orientation for Reese's K3 class last night. I forgot to take pictures until the very end. Yeah, I 'grrr-ed' at myself too.

Yesterday in the mail, we got something of a care package from our cyber-friend Jamie Brooks in VA. She sent us pictures of homes in Taiyuan similar to what Reese may have lived in in her foster home. She also sent us fabric for a squish (more than just 8x8, thanks by the way!) with a wish. She sent me a Golden Snitch bookmark that she made, and 2 little knitted purses that when you flip them out they turn into a little "crib" with a baby doll inside the purse. She makes/made them for a fundraiser for her adoption and was planning on taking some of them to China with her to give to the girls but she had no room in her luggage. Reese loves them. We had to talk her out of taking them to school this morning because we didn't want them to get lost.


Liene said...

Eriks starts Mom's Day Out on the 21st and is so excited about it. He can't wait!!! We went to register him on Tuesday and he met his teacher who was getting her room ready and he was so excited.

Reese looks cute in her glasses by the way!!

Anonymous said...

Monica, I am so happy that Reese is having fun with the purses. They are so much fun to make but more fun to play with. Take care


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