Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm not sure if she's faking, but it worked.

Eating My Little Pony Snacks

Reese got to come home "sick" today. Apparently, after recess, her class came in and she laid down on the floor with her blankie and wouldn't play, and at snack time, she came out gagging from the classroom, holding her throat. They took her temperature when they realized she wasn't playing (so, not long after recess), and it was 99*. So they called Mom. Mom called me. I got the call at about 11 am. We were at school by 11:35 am at the latest.

She was up, playing, laughing, had abandoned the blankey, and came running to me going 'Monica!'.

Anybody else think this kiddo is a really good actor?

I think they weren't paying enough attention to her, so she decided to make them pay attention to her. Or she was tired or something. But anyway, she's going to the doctor at 2:50, and she's passed out in her room right now (nap time at school is about 12:30). We'll see if there's anything to be worried about.

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