Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More pictures...that I just took.

Reese passed out in her bedroom...

The infamous Chi-Chi Meow...also known as the TY Beanie Baby Mystique.

My baby girl, Chen Le (b. 04.15.04)

Chi-Chi asleep on the computer chair. She's the one Chi-Chi Meow was named after.

Elsie a-top our cabinets last night...she's somewhere in the house right now and I just can't find her to get a new picture.

Reese woke up a minute ago, came down the hall, got on the couch, and is sucking on her sippy cup. I think she'll be gone again here in a few. I also get the bad feeling we may be cleaning our couch again for the 3rd time in almost as many days. Hopefully not.

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