Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Just for the record...

Reese went back to school today (August 7th). And they didn't send her home.

So she must be better.

At least enough to go to school.

Right now she is passed out on Dad's (fabric-from-my-mother's-childhood) couch....I should probably go wake up Mom and get her to move her to her crib before she floats out of her Pull-Up and into the couch. Leather's one thing...fabric is another.

I currently have some 27 or so squishes for her quilt...and at some point I'm going to contribute one from each of our cats (Chen Le, Elsie, and Chi-Chi), as I have 3 different cat prints and they are important in her life...and I'm sure there are a great many things they wish for her...not all nice but we won't list those. : )

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