Sunday, August 5, 2007

Picture Post

Here's the pictures I took today prior to our going to Wal-Mart:

Looking at my blog...

Reese KaiJin and our Mama

Kissing Mama...

"But I wanna pet the "kenny"..."

Cuddling Chi-Chi.

Reese is getting over her "pneumonia" or whatever it was. Tomorrow's her last day on antibiotics and she's staying home with me simply because she has a doctor's appointment tomorrow with the doctor who will be managing her birthmark. And we could both use the sleep. :)
Problem is-whatever the heck she has I seem to have contracted. I feel like I am trying to hack up a lung, I have nasal drainage, I'm coughing stuff up in addition to said lung...and in general, feel horrible. I'm sure that's more information than any of you ever wanted but oh well.

Mom and I went to Wal-Mart alone today, leaving Lil' Bit with "Danny" (Daddy). All we heard for 30 minutes prior to us leaving was "wanna go Wal-Mark". No, that's not a typo. The way she says Wal-Mart, it rhymes with "Hallmark". We didn't want to take her because she'd been going pee every 5 minutes today. That may be an exaggeration, but not much. Mom was convinced we would never get out of Wal-Mart at that rate, and I didn't feel like running to go "niao niao" every 5 minutes. So she stayed home.

By the way, I now have 22 squishes for Reese's quilt! Check them out on Good Wishes for Reese! Contributions are appreciated, the instructions are the first post on the blog. I'm willing to swap with other people collecting squishes (for whatever reason). My email to get contact information is also on that post, or you can go to my blogger profile and an email address is there. I check it more than once daily. I would really love to get more than 100 squishes for her quilt. Thanks for the squishes!

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