Saturday, August 4, 2007

Uncle Jeff's Wedding

From left to right: Lacey (our aunt, our mom's little sister), Cheryl (our mom), and Jeff (Mom's little brother, our uncle)

The ceremony...

Cuddling Chi-Chi Meow...her hair is just standing like's not because of any movement...

So we went to Danville today for my and Reese KaiJin's uncle Jeff's wedding. He's my Mom's little brother, but you'd never know it by the height difference. He got married, not much really note-worthy, which I guess is a good thing. Mandy's dress was beautiful and the church was air-conditioned. Kudos on that front. Except for Scott trying to get Papa to drink a Bud Light. :)

Reese has had her hair in a ponytail all day, it's not falling down. It's still sticking straight up, much like it does in the morning. No, I didn't gel it this time. This is not my doing. :))

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