Saturday, September 15, 2007

And you thought the last posts made you go 'ouch!'...

In these pictures, you can actually see how bumpy/blistered her legs are.

Not blistered, thank God.

Even spotted, she's still wearing that cheesy grin.

Loving on Rita.

Showing off her "tattoo". She wanted one like Daddy has, so Mom drew her one.

Jie Jie and Mei Mei (big sis and little sis)
Day 3.

Reese is pretty much back to her old goofy self. But her legs are a different story. They are mini mountain ranges, they are that bumpy. And blistery. Some of the spots have, in their blistery-ness, have merged to make big blisters, at least on her left leg. There's about 3 of them there. Her other leg is blistered, but they're little blisters and don't look quite so...painful.

I guess the really funny this is, she was more than willing to show off her spots. Once Mom showed them to me once to take pictures of, Reese wanted to show them to me again and I HAD to take pictures. She really plays it up for our adoring public- every if she doesn't know she has adoring public. :)


Charlotte said...

Wow ! What graphic pics ! Glad to see she is doing good, love her in the orange nightgown !


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor baby, all those blisters, but love her smile. Lana had that same nightgown last summer that Reese is wearing....ahhhhh, the memories and how fast they grow up.


Jaime ♥ said...

Owie . . that made me cringe. Oh, but that smile of hers. I can see why you are so smitten with her. Love that last photo with the two of you!!!


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