Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day 4

Trying on slippers at Wal-Mart

She had to touch EVERYTHING!

Helping Dad push the buggy.

Wearing Dad's old go-kart helmet.


Day 4 leaves us with still-bad blisters, although not quite as much pain it seems. I'll post an update pic on the blisters tomorrow. She's acting like herself, and tried to get in the car on her own when we told her we (Mom and I) were going to Wal-Mart without her. So we gave in, dressed her in long pants (THOSE would have been fun questions, I'm sure), and went to Wal-Mart- with her and Dad.

We're going to start using just normal Tylenol tomorrow, with Tylenol 3 at bed. Kiddo is staying home with me tomorrow, until I have to go to work at 4, when we're probably going to have to drag Grandma down her to watch her for a little bit until Mom and Dad get home (shouldn't be long). Or something. Tuesday, we're planning on sending her back to school.

Less than 28 days 'til Reese's 3rd birthday. It's on the 8th of October. My gosh, she's going to be 3.

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Franceskasjourneyhome said...

Oh bless her heart and yours, I pray that she gets better and better with each passing day. she has got to be the happiest little girl, even going through all of this she still has the most wonderful smile!! Your very blessed.


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