Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 5 post

After putting on her sandals...

Her legs today.

She's more than willing to let people take pictures of her legs.

Showing off her sandals...which I didn't quite get in the picture...

We've figured out what the blisters are, even if we're not sure why there's so many of them. Reese was playing on Mom's legs last night and brushed one pretty hard against her toe nail. And it popped. And put out blood. They're blood blisters. Which are usually called by being pinched really hard or some other similar trauma. I didn't know they happened with burns, which is what this is bound to be similar to.

Some of the blisters are beginning to shrivel a bit, and they seem to be easier to pop. Some of her normal spots are beginning to fade already, mostly on her feet and her face. Her personality is fine, although she is whiny, but I think a lot of that is her being left at home with me, instead of being in school or with Mama and Daddy. A little over an hour and half and I'm putting her down for a nap, seeing as I have to leave at 3:30 for work, and she tends to sleep for about 2 hours or so.

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Annie said...

Oh poor baby! It looks so incredibly painful. I hope it's worth it for her. i guess since she is smiling and playing, it probably isn't as extremly painful as it looks or she'd be still and miserable, or else her pain tolerance is like 1000 times higher than mine. Hoping all those blisters clear up soon!


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