Thursday, September 6, 2007

A friend's fundraiser

A fellow FCC-CA (Families with Children from China- Central Arkansas) member is making unique, no 2 exactly the same, jewelry as a fund raiser for their adoption from China. I wouldn't have posted anything, but this is such a unique fund raiser. And the jewelry is absolutely gorgeous. There are a few pieces I would like for myself. :) She's posting them 25 items at a time, and once all 25 are sold, they are removed from the site, never to be seen again online, so they can't be copied.

Check out her blog here: Liene Tuttle Designs.

Reese managed to fall off the couch last night and land on her back and, apparently, the back of her head too, as she has a MASSIVE bump on the back of her head. Poor baby. We iced it and gave her some tylenol, so she'll be fine.

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