Sunday, September 2, 2007

Beware of cow's milk...

Drinking Sissy's smoothie.

Riding on Mom's shoulders.

Cuddling on Mommy's head. She was pretending to take a nap.

Coloring the other day...

We have known for quite some time (as long as quite some time can be when you've only really known a kid for 3 months) that milk and Reese didn't exactly agree. It wasn't a bad disagreement, just a constant, runny, slightly stuffy nose. Annoying, and an excellent usage of Kleenex, but nothing really disrupting. I have lactose intolerance, and if I drink milk, or eat cheese dip or ice cream, it's all over. I'm in the bathroom. Reese wasn't that bad. It was just a runny nose. An allergy, not intolerance.
We put her on soy milk, since we had it and bought it anyway, for me, and within 24 hours, her nose had dried up. Perfectly normal. All because our Grandma Debbie said something about a lot of childhood illnesses being able to be traced back to cow's milk. We thought to put her on soy milk because of my Grandma Debbie's random knowledge of some health-related things. It's quite interesting, really.

Anyway, this past week we ran out of soy milk. Reese insists on chocolate milk before bed. It's become a routine. So since we were out, we gave her normal milk, thinking 'she'll have a runny nose, it'll be fine.'. WRONG! She had fits at night for 2 nights. Kicking, whimpering, overall fit like she was in pain for the 2 nights we gave her cow's milk. The 3rd day, we went and bought soy milk. We gave her soy chocolate milk that night. Hardly a peep out of her ALL NIGHT. We think it must make her stomach feel bad, cow's milk.

Doesn't seem like much of a story, but I thought I'd share it, seeing as a lot of people would never think- 'hmm...maybe the milk is causing my child to have a runny nose/sleep fitfully/etc.'. Not everyone has a Grandma Debbie. So I thought I'd share that bit of information. We use Silk Soy Milk. I will actively advocate the stuff. It takes excellent. Reese never noticed the change. I love it myself. I think the chocolate milk made with it tastes better than the kind made with cow's milk, but I was never big on the taste of cow's milk, anyway. We go through 2 gallons of Silk every 5 days or so. Sometimes less days. We are major Silk consumers.

We went to Sam's today, (for those of you in Costco areas, think Costco) and looked around. EVERYONE was there. Reese nearly got ran over several time so finally Mom put her on her shoulders. I had a large smoothie from Planet Smoothie (a werewolf, you should try it. It's excellent.). Reese liked it, Mom liked it, I love it. Reese drank quite a bit of it. It was cute.

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