Thursday, September 13, 2007

I guess the sad thing is the pictures don't do the spots justice...

Playing with Daddy.

After the Tylenol 3 had worn off a bit (she'd just been given some more and it hadn't quite kicked in).
The spots look a lot worse in real life. They don't seem to be hurting her quite as much now, though (although Tylenol 3 is an impressive thing). We're grateful that some thing takes enough edge off for her to, more or less, be herself.

The spots do look worse in person. Some of the spots have blistered, and some have already popped. She's like a little toaster if you touch a spot that has had the treatment done on it. It's warm to the touch. We think she's concerned her face will stay like that (little narcissist that she is, although it's more than understandable). So we keep telling her in a couple weeks all the little spots will be gone and her face will be back to normal. And that she is such a pretty girl.

And for anyone thinking of adopting or adopting a child with a birthmark that will need lasered, my mom said for a little while after it was done, she smelled kind of burnt. Like the smell you can smell when the dentist is drilling at your teeth. Painful analogy, I know.


Anonymous said...

Makes me want to cry!!!!! That poor baby! But, she still has that beautiful smile! God love her!

Much love to you guys!

nolablossom said...

I've been following your blog for awhile now. I hope she starts to feel better soon!!! She is so cute so my heart goes out to her, having seen these post-laser spots pix!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this was actually the first time Lana actually smelt burnt to me too...not sure why I never noticed it before, but did on her 4th treatment a couple weeks ago.



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