Thursday, September 13, 2007

We have one bespotted baby...

Passed out on Daddy.

Her legs. The band-aid is where they put the IV. They couldn't get it in her arm.

Passed out on Daddy.

And it hurts. She looks like some one burned her with a cigarette all over. It's painful to look at, and I'm sure twice as painful to have. Her face doesn't seem to bother her much (she's had it done there), but her legs and the small of her back are causing her a good deal of pain, it seems. You just almost want to cry because it seems to hurt her so badly.

From now on, they're gonna alternate in between legs. Do one leg one time and her face, do the other leg the next time and her face. They have her on tylenol with codeine. We just gave her some since the stuff they gave her at the hospital has just worn off. Hopefully, it will help greatly. At this point, it's like, if she wants chocolate milk (which we usually restrict to bedtime and waking up) she can have it. She wants ponies. She gets it. She wants sweettarts (we bought a halloween bag for me. I love them.), I'll give them to her. If there is any chance it'll make her feel a bit better, we fork it over.

Her personality is coming back now. She's not quite so lethargic, but it's still obvious (via 'owie owie owie!') when ever something touches her legs or we have to put on a pull-up that it hurts.

We won't know anything about the MRI results until tomorrow at least.

I'll try to post more pictures tonight after work.

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