Sunday, September 9, 2007

A night with Jie Jie.

Sitting on the hood of Murphy (my car) while Dad was trying to fix her glasses.

Inspecting the eye glass repair kit.

Goofy. She's wearing Mr. Potato Head's glasses. About all she does with her MPH is wear his glasses and hat. LOL.
Mom and Dad had some alone time last night, a.k.a they stayed in a hotel alone all night to celebrate Dad's 60th birthday. Mom, Reese, and I went swimming after I got off work at the library in the pool at the hotel. Reese thought that was a blast. My only regret is that I managed to forget my camera at home. She started turning purple (her birthmark turns a dark purple when she's cold) and Mom was like 'are you cold?', 'yeah', and then 'do you want to get out?'. Her response was a vehement 'NO!'. So we swam a bit longer than Mom made her get out. She objected quite loudly. We went back to the room and stuck her in the shower for a few minutes to warm her up, then I got in and took a shower because my hair drying with chlorine in it is a mess. It's horrible.

Mom took us home because it was starting to storm, and, while I'll drive in storms, and I'll drive in the dark, I don't really like to drive in both. Reese got her kisses and hugs, and Mom went back to the hotel. She played with Grandma Debbie and bit, and we watched the first Naruto movie in English on Cartoon Network. I've seen it in Japanese, but English was new.

About 9:45 I turned out the lights. That's about an hour after she usually (at the latest) goes to bed. We slept until about 10 this morning, and Dad got home at about 10:30. Mom went to Wal-Mart. I let Dad have Reese, and I went back to bed (in my bed), as I never sleep really well when I'm on Reese-duty.

I re-start Irish Dance on Wednesday, and so we've been watching Riverdance movies (when I get in a mood I REALLY get into a mood). Reese loves it. She gets up and dances and hops around. So cute.

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