Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reese's 1st Laser Treatment

Reese at about 2 months old, prior to any laser, but this is before she was very old so it's not too dark anyway.

After one of her laser treatments (no idea what number) when she was about 1.

Her legs, now. Since you all know what her face looks like. I took this in China to send to our SWS specialist, Dr. Buckmiller. Yes, the Dr. Buckmiller who adopted the infamous Gong Lu.

Reese is having her first laser treatment in America on Thursday, as well as an MRI just to make sure there's no brain involvement with her Sturge-Weber Syndrome. We seriously doubt there is, with the way she acts, but it's just to be sure. An extra precaution. Reese has had 4-6 laser treatments in China prior to us adopting her. I used to know the exact number. Her last one was in January. But those were just on her face. This time they're doing her face, where the PWS is on her legs and feet and a small area at the small of back, leaving a bikini area (she has PWS on her private parts as well, but that won't ever really be seen, so...and it's so sensitive). So any prayers or whatever your religion does is appreciated. This is kind of nerve-wracking for us as, though she's been through it before, we haven't. Closest we've been to this was the 3 different times I've had stitches (busted my lip at about 2, busted open my forehead- no broken bone- at 4 or 5, and sliced a 1.5 in. gash in my inner thigh at about 8 or so) and my tonsilectomy. It's not really a serious procedure, but it's new.

Any tips on the after-effects, etc. would be appreciated. Especially ideas, suggestions for pain meds, how bad the pain can be, etc. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

I think as much of a trooper as Reese is, she will do fine! It is completely natural when you love someone to worry. We will be saying prayers for her.

Much Love,
Michelle, your big sis


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