Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Grinning girl.

Posing with the pumpkin.

Cleaning out the pumpkin.

The finished project.

The 24.

The 20.

Sunday night we did something we haven't done in years.

I insisted we get a pumpkin and carve it, it being Reese's first Halloween and all. So we did.

And by the way, Stacey, the worchestershire pumpkin seeds are to die for...shell and all (we couldn't figure out how to shell it). Anyone know where to get unroasted pumpkin seeds that we could roast and worchestershire? 'Cause Mom wasn't real thrilled about my idea of raiding the pumpkin display at Wal-Mart to sate my pumpkin seed craving. They were yummy.

Anyway, we carved the pumpkin. Reese liked it. Reese danced. It's a vampire pumpkin with a 24 on one side (my NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon) and a 20 on the other side (Dad's driver, Tony Stewart). In Dad's terms, it's a "politically correct pumpkin".

Reese is soooo excited about trick-or-treating. It's so funny to live through the things that are firsts for her. It's one thing when it's a baby's first Halloween. It's another when it's a 3 year old's first Halloween EVER. She's going to think she's hit the mother load come Wednesday.

I'm going as a panda.

Mom took the video long-wise so it's sideways most of the time. Sorry.

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Anonymous said...

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I am so excited for Reese's first holiday season with us! This is going to be so much fun! Also, I will save you pumpkin seeds to roast.

Love ya'll bunches!


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