Monday, October 8, 2007

Reese turns 3!

Opening presents.

The case for her camera.

Her camera...


The cake I made for Reese. It's Funfetti, and the decorations were all done by me. Reese deemed it pretty.

With the earrings her big sissy, Michelle, gave her.
With the purse and dress from Michelle. Michelle got the dress in Mexico while they were on their cruise.

The cake with the candle.

With Daddy.

Opening 'Da Chi-Chi Meow' (big Chi-Chi Meow, always referred to as Chi-Chi Meow's Mama)

Singing 'Happy Birthday'.

Today was Reese's 3rd birthday, and her first birthday with her forever family. All we've been hearing since Dad's birthday (September 11) was 'birthday cake'. She knew about birthday cake. At China Care, they have something of a birthday party for the kids in the China Care Homes, so we have pictures from Reese's 1st and 2nd birthday. Both had cake, but neither had presents. So she knew about cake. And wanted cake.

So the presents were like a pleasant surprise. And yes, we probably over did it, but I mean, we've missed two! I think the sweetest thing is: she would've been perfectly happy with just the cake. She didn't even expect the presents. When she saw them in my room last night, she didn't even presume they were her's. It's not often you see that kind of immaterialism (or whatever word that would be). She has a few things that she is darn possessive of, though.

She got a sheet of real earrings, for her REAL piercings (once they heal), a dress from Mexico, a purse, and apparently some other things from her sissy Michelle. I got her a Fisher-Price KidTough Camera (to save my own, LOL). Mom and Dad got her a Fisher-Price Little People Barn, a case for her camera, Chi-Chi Meow's Mama, and a set of magnetic letters for the fridge. Grandma Debbie got her a tea set (which she is quite enamored with).


Stacey said...

Great cake, Monica! It looks like she had a nice birthday. I loved the kitty.

Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Awwww! Happy 3rd Birthday to Miss Reese!!!! Hope she had a great day!!! Cute pics! :)

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday little Reese...

All my best wishes for you little darling...

I love those cute pictures, thanks Monica for them...

Kind regards


Liene said...

Happy Belated Birthday Reese! I'm sorry I've been too busy with school to read everyone's blogs!

It looks like she had a great day.


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