Monday, October 8, 2007

You Know What?

I didn't write this. It doesn't even pertain specifically to Reese's special need. It pertains more to cerebral palsy, club foot, that kind of thing. But it's the message it gives, not the special needs it portrays. I found this on Chinese Treasures. It's so true.

"You See What?"

Tell me ... what do you see when you look at this child?

A tragedy of misfortune? A life defiled?

Do you see the mountains which this wheelchair can't climb?

This 'chair as a prison, whose walls are "time"?

Do you see a handicap, a body that won't work?

Failure, lost potential, nature's joke gone berserk?

Do you visualize very clearly the bills stacked so high,

While hopes are all dashed, so there's no reason to try?

Give me your answer; work it out in your mind,

And I'll prove you could not possibly be any more blind!

"How can you say that?" you demand like I'm wild ...
Because you looked at your fears, and not at the child!

Let me tell you what I see, right from the start

When I look at this child through the eyes of my heart ...

I see a child who rides horses, goes swimming, and laughs,

Who loves the zoo, and watching giraffes!

I see a daughter who thinks she's the "Belle of the Ball",

A good student, a friend who likes going to the mall.

Or a son who likes frogs, and puppies, and jokes,

But hates all homework, and lectures from his folks.

I see, not a heartache, nor embarrassment, nor trouble,

But a CHILD, with a LIFE, who has FUN on the double ...

A person of stature, even while sitting down,A hope for tomorrow, a SMILE, not a frown.

I see a CHILD, not a condition,

one of God's works of art,

And you'll see it, too, when you look with your heart!

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