Wednesday, November 28, 2007

6 Month Gotcha Day

Gotcha Day: May 28, 2007

1 month- June

2 months- July

3 months- August

4 months- September

5 months- October

6 months- November
Today is our 6 month Gotcha Day anniversary. It's been half a year since Reese was put in our arms. So hard to believe. It's amazing the advances she's made. She talks like crazy, and she has asserted her spot in the family securely enough to act out.

She's learned so much. She can identify some letters, can almost count all the way to 20 (there's a few numbers missing), and knows so many songs. We talk about going back to China, and, at first, it was a fervent 'NO!', but, once we got it through that we were just going to visit, not to return her (as if), she now wants to go to "pink China". No clue what the pink part is about.

There's so much that she can do now, that she couldn't do when we got her. She's grown so much. She was 25 lbs. when we got her and 34 in. tall. She's 36 in. tall and weighs 29.5 lbs now, 6 months later. She's more or less potty trained. She still sleeps in a pull-up (understandably), but she stays dry while she's conscious, with only a few accidents here and there. She can drink out of a real cup, but we prefer her to use sippy cups (damage control). She's doing excellently, if I do say so myself. She loves her Daddy now, which we warrant to time and "Finding Nemo". She started really getting to like Dad after she'd watching "Finding Nemo" a few times, and we explained to her that Nemo ran off and got lost, and his daddy searched all over the ocean for him, until he found him. She also likes to watch what she calls "Baby China", which is a DVD we got in a packet from Children's Hope, International, another adoption agency. She also likes to watch the Little People DVD that came with her Little People Barn she got for her birthday. She can recognize Dora the Explorer and the Nemo cast, along with Tony Stewart, Home Depot, and the number '20'. She knows cats say 'meow', dogs say 'woof', lions say 'roar', and cows say 'moo', and she can identify a whole host of animals. Cats, dogs, bunnies, frogs, lions, etc. She can operate my DVD/VHS combo player all on her own.

Such a big girl.

If nothing else, look at how much her hair has grown. We only cut her bangs because she won't leave barrettes in or leave her hair up for the whole school day, so we cut her bangs to keep them from irritating her eye.


Anonymous said...

Man, how that little girl has changed! She is such a fun kiddo! It is hard to believe it has been 6 months, but then again it is hard to believe that she has only been here for 6 months. I can't begin to tell you how it makes my heart feel to see how much of a daddy's girl she has become! I love to hear her call him. Christmas is going to be SO MUCH FUN this year! I can hardly wait!!!

Much Love,
Michelle, the oldest big sis

Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Wow! Congrats on 6 months gotcha!!! Reese has changed so much! It seems like just yesterday that we got Sarah, then our 6 month, and now, it is almost our 12 month gotcha!!!!! How time flies!! :)


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