Thursday, November 29, 2007

And the NASCAR obsession continues...

Look at this pose...

And look at Tony Stewart's pose on the poster behind her...while that is an all-Reese pose, Mom and I think we know where she got it.

Well, Reese is certainly becoming a Daddy's Girl. She's quite taken to his "boy", a.k.a his NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart.

The '20' "tattoo" is always there, has been for about 2 months now. If it fades out, she finds a Sharpie and finds an adult who can redo her tattoo (which is like Daddy's).

Oh, and she wants Tony clothes for her "birthday party". We've been trying to explain to her that Christmas is her next major shot at presents, way before her next "birthday party", but it doesn't click, apparently.

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