Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas at Granny and Papa's

With her tiara.

Hugging Granny.

Staring out the front door.

Reese and Scott

Reese and Aunt Mandy

Reese in her new monkey shirt.

We had a belated Christmas at Granny and Papa's house today (our great-grandparents- Mom's mom's parents). Reese had a great time. Her and Justin (our cousin) played with his bath foam on the porch. So yes, there was foam soap ALL OVER the porch. Scott (our brother) hosed it off when they were done- or proclaimed done as it may have been. They were having fun though. All I can say is- it was a good thing we talked Reese into wearing her boots today.

She cleaned up. She got a book or two, a Best Buy "debit card", as she calls them (gift card), a Wal-Mart gift card, a Disney Princesses light-up tiara from Disney World, and a year of the Monkey Zodiac t-shirt from Epcot. She spent her Wal-Mart gift card on the way home on a My Little Pony DVD, a Dora "Cowgirl Dora" DVD, and a Thomas The Tank Engine's ABC book.

I don't think I ever mentioned what she got for Christmas, so I'll do that now. A Dora kitchen figurine play set, a pink cowgirl hat, a Tony Stewart denim jumper, a Tony Stewart "fire suit", a swim Barbie, a Barbie swimming pool, a Barbie with a pet dog named Tanner, a HUGE cheetah plush, a Little People Aeroplane, a Teach and Talk laptop, a Leap pad type thing that teaches how to write letters and draw, a Tony Stewart zip-up hoodie, a baby doll with LOTS of changes of clothes, a Christmas Tree Asian Cabbage Patch doll, a Story of Jesus book, a Guess How Much I Love You book, and a You're All My Favorites book, an Irish Dance Barbie doll, a My Little Pony pony, a My Little Pony bath set...and I'm wanting to say that's about it, but I figure I'm wrong...

Anyway, we had fun today.

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