Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Heart Of The Matter

Pardon the pun.

Reese has been home for 7 months now, but the 7 month Gotcha Day post will be a bit late, as we've had some excitement in the last few days.

Our Dad and Mom left work early yesterday because Dad was having chest pain. 6 years ago January, he had triple bypass surgery. We figured it was just stress but wanted to be sure. So Mom took him to the Heart Hospital. They did blood work, E.K.G, x-rays, etc., and could find nothing wrong, but elected to keep him for the 23 hour observation period anyway. This morning, they did a heart cath and could find no blockages in his major arteries. Yay! They did say there could be some in the smaller vessels, as he is a diabetic, and put him on another medicine to help with that. But the general consensus is that it was either stress or overexertion. He came home this morning after the heart cath, but can't pick Reese up for a week.

Speaking of stress, I think everybody Mom wanted to tell personally has been told at this point. Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the beginning of November. Luckily, it is VERY VERY early. There's little concern about it having spread, and Dad elected to just have the prostate removed instead of going through radiation or chemo. He's having it removed January 23rd, so please pray that it goes smoothly and his recovery quickly. Also, our sister (Dad's oldest daughter) is having her son via C-Section on February 5th. So pray for that too, if you will.

Also, today is our friend, Charlotte's daughter, Rachael's 3rd birthday. So happy birthday, Rachael! Sorry, we couldn't be there for the party.

Anyway, that's the update. I plan on having a Gotcha Day post Monday-ish. There will be one!

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