Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Izzy's Birthday Party

Playing on the horse...

In the construction equipment with Bob the Builder

Reese and Mommy forever.

Up front, waiting for Chuck E.
Sunday, we went to our friend Paula's, future mom of Ben, daughter, Izzy's birthday party. And that was a lot of commas.

Moving on now. Her party was at Chuck E. Cheese. Reese had a ball. She wasn't sure what to think at first, but she'd never been to Chuck E. Cheese before. She quickly warmed up to the idea, to the point, where when we were about to leave Mom goes, "where's Reese?", and I look around and say, "Guess she went to go play.". Sure enough, we found her by one of the games trying to figure out how to make it work without a token... Oh boy. She constantly wanted to "go play". We heard that all the time: "go play!". We had a great time. She even got up and went to the front of the room when "Chuck E." (a.k.a. a poor guy in a mouse suit who reeaaalllly needed a job). She refused to dance, but she watched it very closely and was even in the crowd. Half the crowd was her height or shorter, but it was still something of a mob. Quickly became a riot when the two girls dancing with Chuck E. tossed tickets up into the air though. Kids dived under Reese, and she promptly fell on her bum, other kids still under her legs. I went up there, gathered her up, helped her get some tickets, picked her up, dragged her to another spot with some more tickets, and helped her get some more before returning to Mom.

Last Friday, we got our Christmas tree. I was sick, and so forgot my camera. *face hand* Mom took some pictures on a disposable camera she had hidden in the abyss that is her purse. The tree is still in the garage in a bucket of water. We haven't had time (or the energy, because we're going to have to move some stuff) to put it up yet.

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