Thursday, December 20, 2007

Video I Made For Reese

It's my first attempt a video slideshows and is a little rough in places, I know. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!! The song IS so appropriate for Reese. To see what a happy girl she has become since Gotcha Day is simply amazing! What an infectious smile! I just LOVE that girl!

Michelle (big sis)

Franceskasjourneyhome said...

What an incredible video. She always looks like the happiest little girl in the world, and I know a huge part of that is because she has the most loving, awesome big sister in the world. God bless you and Merry Christmas!!!

Love, Kristy

Kammy K. said...

Monica ... you have done an awesome job with the you want to become my computer guru when I get Mari-Grace????
You are a very talented young lady ... keep up the good work.

Kammy K.


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