Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007: A Year In Review

Happy New Year's Everyone! This was Reese's first American New Year, but she didn't stay up for it (she can go from happy camper to needs-to-go-to-bed in 30 seconds flat). Here's the year 2007 in review!

At the end of 2006, (December 29th, to be exact) we were DTC for Reese KaiJin. New Year's came, and went, and January 11, 2007, we were logged-in at the CCAA. By this point in time, Reese was back in Shanxi with a new foster family. In March, I got my tonsils removed, and by the time we got our LOA (Letter of Acceptance of Referral) on April...4...I think it was...I was all better. April 24th we got our TA (travel approval). We were going to get Reese!

Reese in late 2006.

May 24th we left for BeiJing. On the 26th (China time), we were on the Great Wall and in Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.
In front of the Subway in BeiJing.

On the Great Wall.
Come May 28th, we saw Reese in person for the first time.
We were mucho happier to see her than she was to see us.

But she warmed up to us.

Together at last.

June found Mom, Reese, and me in Guangzhou. June 1st to be exact. We said good-bye (sadly) to what was Reese's birth place to the best of our knowledge.
On the flight from Taiyuan to Guangzhou. She'd warmed up to us.

And June 6th found us home.

Playing with 2 of her jie jies.
July found me taking advantage of her short hair to style a mohawk (move over, Maddox..)

August found Reese warming up to the idea of having a Daddy...

And loving the idea of a Daddy in September!

October found our baby girl turning 3...and also found me in a wreck. This is one of the last pictures of her I took in Murphy.

November found Reese at her first Thanksgiving celebration...although she was on the trampoline most of the time. LOL.

December found Reese being re-adopted. (Family picture. Mom's behind the camera.)

And her first Christmas!

It's been such a great year. Our (not-so) little family is complete, I do believe. And I wouldn't trade Reese for a barrel of monkeys. Why bother? I have a barrel of monkey with just her. What would I do with plural monkeys!?! LOL.

Have a Happy New Year everyone, and may the China wait speed up for all of you who wait. I know what the waiting is like. But the end makes it worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Is it not amazing what 7 months can do? Reese looked so much like a "baby" when you guys got her at the end of May. Now she looks like a little girl. She has grown up so much. I really don't think a barrel of monkeys would be nearly as much fun (or rewarding) as that 3 year old is. I guess 2007 will be a year we won't soon forget! Love you guys!

Michelle, Big Sis


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