Sunday, January 6, 2008

Memphis and Build-A-Bear

Daddy and Reese.

Meaghan and Scott.

Reese and Tiger...Reese was lot more fond of Tiger than Tiger was of her, but she (Tiger) tolerated her well.

Meaghan, Reese, and Tiger. Reese loves Meaghan. And she loves cats. So it was all good.

Reese with her (as yet) floppy puppy.

Me with my (as yet) floppy cheetah.

Writing our names on the animals tags.

Dad helping Reese with her puppy's heart.

Putting the heart in.

Stuffing my cheetah.

Part of the process of me making an absolute fool out of myself for Reese's amusement. You have to do a lot to make sure your cheetah (or whatever) isn't lacking a heartbeat, love, brains, and muscle.

Me with my cheetah in front of the clothing section.

Reese and "Snowball"

Washing her puppy.

We went to visit our brother, Scott, yesterday. Scott now lives in Memphis, TN. We were planning on going to the zoo, but it was rainy so we decided against it. We went to the Spaghetti Wearhouse, as planned, and ate lunch with Scott and his girlfriend, Meaghan. Then we went and saw Scott's apartment and his new kitten, Tiger, who is SOOOOO cute. Then we all went to the Wolfchase Galleria mall. Scott and Meaghan just kind of tagged along.

We went to Build-A-Bear, which I've been wanting to do since before we got Reese...probably since there was one in Little Rock. When I was younger I built a bear at the old Memphis mall which no longer exists. Yes, at 17, I love Build-A-Bear. It was Reese's first experience with it, and overall, I think she did well. She was a little unsure at the stuffing area, but she was having to interact with someone she didn't know. Once that was said and done though, she was all over it. She "washed" her puppy (of all the things she could have picked- and there were lots- she picked a puppy. We never would've guessed.), and then discovered you can DRESS them. Her dog, hereby known as Snowball, is currently dressed in a denim skirt and a Hannah Montana t-shirt. I made a cheetah ($1 of the purchase cost goes to the World Wildlife Foundation) which I named Canon (like the camera brand). Mine now wears a black cordoroy (sp?) skirt and a white tank top with silver and gold sequins. It was really fun.

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