Sunday, January 20, 2008

I just figured out how to colorize...

So here's 2 pictures I've colorized that I've been wanting to colorize for a while. I just figured out how to do it today. Yay!

Also, I re-did my blog. Yippees. I was getting tired of the old header, etc. It was awesome, and I'm so thankful Emily did it, but it had been there for more than 8 months.

Also, here's this adoption meme I thought would be fun to fill out.

What is your Gotcha Day date?

May 28, 2007.

How old is or was your sibling when he/she was adopted?

2.5 years.

How old were you when the adoption started and ended?

When we started, I think I was 13. When we finished, I was 16.

Did you travel with your parents when they adopted your sibling?

Yes, I did.

How old is your sibling now?

3 years and 3 months.

What is your siblings favorite food?

Chocolate milk sippy cup...or maybe shrimp.

What agency did you use for your siblings adoption?

Great Wall China Adoption

That meme can also be used by parents so I'm tagging Charlotte, Paula, and Stacey, who has the long unmemorizable blog URL.


Charlotte said...


Please email me and teach me hoe to colorize ! Too cool !

I will do the meme when I get some time, lol.

Today is Raeghan's 4th birthday !


Gary, Charity, Scarlett & Katie (waiting on Louis & Lily) said...

I love the colorized pic of Reese in her red dress... very pretty.



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