Thursday, February 28, 2008

9 month Gotcha Day!

Gotcha Day: May 28, 2007

1 month- June

2 months- July

3 months- August

4 months- September

5 months- October
6 months- November7 months- December8 months- January9 months- February (and no, I have not cut my hair- it just looks like it.)

Reese has grown up so much in the last quarter of a year (it's been that long?!?). In the last month, she's been in 2 programs with her K2/K3 class- one for chapel and one that was more play-like. She speaks so well, and her hair is getting so long!

I can't believe the blessing she is. Some times, she's flat-out rotten and quite the stinker, but then there's times that she is just absolutely precious and sweet. Whoever said the two's were worse than the three's never had children. :) But I love her. The times she's sweet totally make up for the orneriness, and they just make your heart melt.

She's learned so much. She can recognize her letters, most of the time- there's times when she blanks, but what little kid doesn't? There's so much she can do, I can't even think of it all.

9 months...has it really been that long? Or is 'that short' more accurate? Perhaps both. All I can say is it's hard to really think that there was a time when she wasn't here.

Happy 9 months!

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Charlotte said...

Hsppy 9 months !

Good job Monica, it's not even midnight yet !

Charlotte and crew


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