Sunday, February 17, 2008

Baby Shower

Reese and Roxy

Mom getting puppy sugars.

Reese and Meaghan. Reese was goofing off and keeping from turning around.

Mom and Scott, our brother (Meaghan's his girlfriend.)

Aunt Mandy opening presents.

Reese had something of meltdown before the party and so came in like this. Kind of cute, huh?

I took this one laying on the floor looking up at Reese. She's leaning over the back of her chair.

Mom, Reese, and I went to Aunt Mandy's baby shower in Danville today. It was very pretty. She got lots of stuff. Caroline is expected in March. It was at a country club, so it was really pretty. Reese had fun with the mirrors on the ceiling. I had fun with the fact a flash was not needed for lovely pictures. Flashes are really are horrid thing probably 75% of the time or are used inappropriately. And that's the photo-freak in me talking. The majority of the pictures (save the dog ones and the one of me) were taken flash-less. They had pink M&M's there. Reese will now forever ask if they'll have M&M's there when there are baby showers now. LOL.

We also saw Meaghan's new puppy, Roxy. She's a Sheltie and is so cute and fluffy. She's 7 weeks old and looks like a panda. Reese, Mom, and I were all over her. Reese loves Meaghan...the fact she always has a small fuzzy animal with her is a bonus.

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