Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

"What all is in here?"

"Look, Mrs. Tonya (her teacher). It's DORA!"

"This smells gooooood. I wonder what it is."

Yes, this face is a bit pained (I think she wanted me to let her eat her cupcake in peace), but it shows the frosting all over her face. She ate the whole cupcake (a first).

She also stole Dad's hat.

Today was Reese's first Valentine's Day. They had a party at school yesterday where they swapped valentines. Apparently, even though the other kids had experience Valentine's Day before, they were still a bit in the dark about it. So they were all in the same boat as Reese. Try convincing a 3 year old to give away some thing they've determined to be their's to some one else. It's kind of complicated. Once we established that there's still be some 12 valentines and even more stickers left over that would be all hers, it wasn't such a problem. She loved the fact you get "mail", and candy, and balloons, and cookies, and cupcakes... That was totally awesome in her book. She gave away Hello Kitty foil valentines that I actually bought for myself last year and never used because I was sick the week of Valentine's (and actually pulled out to home school around a week or 2 later). So they were laying around gathering dust, and she likes Hello Kitty. It all worked out.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


Anotheramy said...

I browse through the pictures every time you post them but, on this batch it really hit me. Shes looking more grown up. I'm not sure thats a good thing. Shes such a sweet sunny little thinkg, I think I want her to stay a little girl forever. Are her port wine stains also lighter and smaller?

Jie Jie to Sarah Lu & Chayah too said...

Cute pictures of beautiful Miss Reese!!!! Happy (belated) Valentine's Day! Sounds like Reese had a fun day! =D


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