Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Logic of 3 Year Olds...

Reese likes to feed our aunt's cat that lives here with us, Sebastian. I guess it makes her feel like big stuff or something. Mom asked her this evening if she wanted to feed Sebastian. Her answer was, of course, yes. So she went in the bedroom where he and Grandma Debbie live, flying solo, and fed him.

Later, Mom asked her if she'd fed Sebastian. She said yes, and for some reason, Mom opted to go check. The funny thing was...Sebastian's bowls weren't where they were supposed to be. They were AWOL. So...she asked Reese where Sebastian's food was. Reese came in and showed her. She'd put it, using the logic and love of 3 year olds, in the desk drawer near where his food goes and closed the drawer to "keep the kittens from eating his food". Apparently, in her good intentions, it didn't cross her mind that Sebastian couldn't get to his food, either. Anyway, the situation was resolved...a.k.a. we vacated the kittens and removed the food from the drawer and put it on the desk so Sebastian could eat in peace. She did feed Sebastian (he just couldn't get to it, having no opposable thumbs), and she did accomplish her goal of keeping the kittens out of her food (although, once again, he couldn't get to it, either).

Ah, the logic of 3 year olds....

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Gary,Charity,Scarlett&Katie said...

I think Miss Reese is quite clever. Even though she didn't get the situation completely figured out she was really trying to think it through. She will probably turn into a brilliant problem solver in another year or so.



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