Friday, March 28, 2008

10 Month Gotcha Day!

Today is our 10 month Gotcha Day anniversary. However, the official post will be a bit late, as I'm feeling under the weather. I have a Eustastian (sp?) Tube Dysfunction, which is more or less the opposite of an ear infection. Instead of the ear drum getting pushed out like in an ear infection, it's getting sucked in by a vacuum in my ear caused by the blockage in the E. Tube that usually drains the fluid from inside the ear. So I'm kind of woozy, and taking pictures isn't real high on my list of things to do at this given moment. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow after a day or so on Sudafed. Also, my laptop has decided to start doing strange and cooky things, but it is working at the moment so pray it stays that way. I had to send it off in December, ("the average turn around time is 2 weeks," they said) and didn't get it back til late January...8 weeks after the thing spazzed. So please pray it remains working, as I do my schoolwork and most everything on this thing.

But, anyway, Gotcha Day post will be done, just not today.


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