Sunday, March 30, 2008

Official 10 Month Gotcha Day Post!

10 Months In Our Arms!

Here's the link to the 9 month Gotcha Day post because Blogger is being stupid and not letting me copy and paste the pictures onto this post.

Man, she has grown up so much. She seems like she's a foot taller, but it's only 2 inches, I think. She's also gained roughly 6 lbs. Her favorite food is a chocolate milk sippy cup, but she's also partial to shrimp (yeah, go figure).

Now I have to make note of what she said this morning; this came out of nowhere.
Reese: Bears don't eat food, they only eat *eyes narrow to slits and she gets as foreboding of a voice as a three-year-old can get* people.
Us: What?
And she never could repeat it. So we have no idea where that came from. Pretty funny, though.

I can't believe it's been 10 months since she was brought to us throwing the fit of all fits. I say that because it was just that heartbroken. But, she loves us now. :)

Wo ai ni, Jin-Jin.

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