Thursday, March 6, 2008

Airport, also Day 3

We went to the airport last night to meet some friends coming home from China: Paula, and her travel companions, her 4 year old daughter, Shae, and, friend, Kim, and the new arrival, Ben. Well, the flight went awry and got canceled. You can read more details on her blog, linked to above. They should be getting home this evening, via Memphis and Paula's husband. We'll get to see Ben at a later time.

Reese still has no blisters, and the spots around her eye are fading out.

We're bracing here for icky winter weather. They're calling for 2"-4" here in Central Arkansas. It's already sleeting and snowing in Conway and Russellville. They're saying some places may get up to a foot of snow. Kind of weird to think about when the last time I saw a thermometer today it said 52*.

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