Friday, March 7, 2008

SNOW!! (Day 5)

"Look, sissy! It's snowing!"

"Isn't this fun?"

"I'm not cold. I don't want to go in."

"Look at the snow on my mitten!"

We got snow today. I figure Reese has seen snow before, seeing as she's from Shanxi, up north in China. I don't know if she really got to play in it though, as polluted as every thing was there in winter. So I dressed her up and took her outside for a while. She ran around and walked in the snow, touched it every now and then, and took it all in. We could only find one mitten, and none of her clothes were waterproof, but, darn, they were warm.

But I'm going to Colorado this summer, maybe we can find some waterproof, warm clothes for next year...and for me, too. I had on faux suede boots, pj bottoms, a long sleeve t-shirt, a faux suede, faux fur jacket and beanie. And my camera. :) So, some warmer, drier clothes would be awesome. And I figure they're on sale in the middle of June.

Her spots are fading out; her leg is healing. A bit scabbed, but not bad. It's all fading out well, in my opinion. It doesn't seem to hurt her much, unless you're too rough with her leg.

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