Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Do you have room for one more?

I don't often feel the need to advocate for waiting children, let alone for children not from China. But for some reason, this girl touched me.

Her name is Hanna, and she's 15 years old. Just a bit younger than myself. She's from Eastern Europe, Ukraine, I believe. She's for adoption through Adoption Associates, Inc.. According to the page, all of her siblings have been adopted, a few to the U.S.A. Come 2009, when this girl will just be 16, less than I am now, she'll be turned out into the world, away from the orphanage, with no where to go, no one to go to. She has no family in her country. All I could think of as I read that was: what if someone turned me out of my home right now, with next to nothing, probably little education, away from everything I've ever known? Into a world with no one very familiar?

The prospect of going to college scares me, and I'll be able to drive home and come see my family whenever I want. This girl will have no one, but herself, and whatever skills she's developed over the years. No where to go to. It's a horrible thought that any person, particularly a child or teenager, should ever be alone in this world.

So, I ask: Do you have room for one more? Particularly for a much older, but healthy, child?

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Jie Jie to Sarah Lu & Chayah too said...

Thank you for posting that Monica! I know this really touches me too! This girl, Hanna, is just a year younger than me. She is a girl a lot like me, but she has no family. And to think of leaving home now? I couldn't. It really makes me stop and think and know that there needs to be HOPE for the older children who are just abandoned by a system at a certain age.


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