Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Something Else

That's what Reese is- something else. On Saturday night, she curled up on one of our couches to watch Blue's Clues and Oswald and Little Bill. She grabbed Mom's blanket and a plush TY panda off of the floor. To my surprise, the panda went under her head as a makeshift pillow. Not what I expected, but when is Reese ever right at expectations. She always has to blow what you thought she would do to little smithereens. But , she's part of the family so that really shocks no one.

Reese also has a fascination with the vacuum cleaner. Which is just as well because me and my cat, Chen Le, are highly aversive to the thing. Outside of concerts, I have issues with anything that makes me unable to hear what's going on around me. Paranoid, yes, but as I say, better paranoid than dead. Or it may be the fact that until a week ago, I thought one of the 5 Georges I had when I was in the 1st grade and under (hamsters, all with tan heads and butts and white belly stripe through the middle, all named George...they're cute, hamsters, I'd kinda like another, but I have 3 cats...and, yeah...) got sucked up into a vacuum cleaner. Turns out this was a hoax Mom didn't think I remembered to cover up the fact George had just died as opposed to being suicidal. Chen Le, well, when Chen Le was less than 6 weeks old and known by a different name, I just don't remember which, Mom decided to vacuum up the litter in the bathroom where Mama Cat, Demi, and her four kittens lived. Demi didn't agree with this, and proceeded to remove all 4 kittens, one by one, from the bathroom into the living room, where she deemed them "safe". I'm still trying to figure out how we got her back in there... But, to this day, Chen Le gets wide-eyed and panicked-looking when the vacuum flips on.

But, I get off-track. Reese loves the vacuum, has since day 1. And then, the vacuum was even more bigger than her than it is now. At some point in the last few months, Mom decided to get another vacuum. So now we have a stand-up and push one, and one that trails behind you. The new one, the one that follows you, was picked by Reese because "it's purple". *shrug* Okay. Well, Sunday, I guess it was, we let Reese play with the vacuum in the kitchen. I barely know how to turn it on, and only learned that a couple of weeks ago, and Reese, well, she figured out how to remove the plastic chamber that replaces the bags some other models have (including our other vacuum). She also got it back in with no help.

At least Mom will have one kid whose a domestic diva outside of sewing/quilting and cooking.

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Christine said...

What a good helper!

I'm glad to hear the laser treatments are going well. I had to go back and read your previous posts to see that your daughter didn't just have a rash.

BTW, she has a beautiful smile.


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