Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Mom and Baby Caroline

Looking for easter eggs...

Meaghan's puppy, Roxy

"Are there any over here, Roxy?"

"Over here?"

Chasing after Roxy

"Look! I found one!"

Meaghan and Roxy helping Reese find eggs.

"I'm free!"



Hop, hop!

Mom, Reese, and Meaghan.

Uncle Jeff and Reese.

Scott and Meaghan.

Passed out in the car afterwards with the hard-boiled eggs.
We went up to my Mom's grandparents' house for Easter, like we do every year. Obviously, this was Reese's first year to do so. We saw Papa Jim, Granny Barb, Granny Edith, Papa T., Granny T., Uncle Jeff, Aunt Mandy, Baby Caroline, Scott, Meaghan, and Meaghan's dog, Roxy, Lacey, and Grandma Debbie. Roxy has gotten much bigger since we last saw her in February.
Scott and Meaghan hid the eggs (some plastic, some I dyed last night) and helped Reese find them. She's not so great at finding eggs, but she hasn't done it much, so it's okay. Maybe she'll be better next year. Reese had lots of fun finding eggs, teasing family members, hanging out with Scott and Meaghan, whom she loves, chasing and being chased by Roxy, and hopping off the porch. She also liked seeing Baby Caroline for the first time.
She also had her first visit by the "Easter Bunny" this morning, before we left for the great-grandparents'. She got a Disney Princess dress up basket, which for some reason was missing one slipper and the earrings broke about 10 minutes after she opened it. She also got a blue plush duck from the Bunny, while I got a purple one. Yes, you still get visited by the "Easter Bunny" when you're 17, at least if you live at home and have a 3 year old who would ask why the Easter Bunny didn't bring you any thing.

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